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January 2010...

Firstly I would like to say to my parents and students welcome back!

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year. May it be as successful and memorable as 2009 was!

Well the year has most definitely started off with a bang for premier with one of my champion students becoming sponsored.

A huge congratulations to Miss Emily Lauren Gander on your sponsorship! Everyone at Premier is so proud and happy for you. I know this is a dream come true for you and you truly deserve this honour. All your hard work and dedication has shone through and I know you will make your sponsor very proud.

Congratulations Emily !

A huge congratulations to Miss Emily on your sponsorship!

Exams - Well its that time of the year again, exam term!

Exams will be taking place on Sunday 14th March at the Rox School of Dance and Drama.

Dance wear must be worn (something bright and colourful), hair nicely styled and make up worn. Presentation is extremely important as your representing the school and actually get assessed on your image during the examination, so please look immaculate.

You will each receive a newsletter from me very soon with the cost of the exam and an allocated time for your son / daughter.

As always a party night will take place in the Summer term where all certificates and awards will be presented.

Once again all exams are optional but I highly recommend for my students to take their examinations for experience. I am delighted to announce that Premier has a handful of new students taking their exams this year and also some new competitors :-)

Good luck everyone, work hard !

Workshops - Our Premier workshops are a huge success and I'm thrilled to announce that our next workshop will take place on Sunday 7th March, at the Rox School of Dance and Drama 6.30 till 8.00 pm.


On that note I would also like to thank one of my former pupils Micheala Stakim who is currently attending performers college, who came down and did a street workshop for us in December.

It was so lovely to see you Micheala and the girls and myself very much miss you. A great routine, lots of fun and we'll look forward to your next one.

Selsey - Selsey deposits have already been paid but the full amount is due at the end of March please. No later than Sunday 28th March.

A squad day will be arranged as usual for a final run through of everything to make sure all choreography is polished and yes parents that does include you too :-) so get practicing those routines, costumes made, and book a private lesson LOL!

This year is going to be a very existing year for Premier with plenty of new experiences and journeys heading our way. Please make sure you check Premier's face book account regularly as I will keep you updated with news and announcements.

On a final note, I must just say a big welcome to Hayley Mockford, Florence Manns, and Maya Ashton to our Premier family.

We hope you have a wonderful year with us.





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April Whiting - Featured in the latest Move It Magazine

Another congratulations must go to my little star April Whiting!

April has been dancing for Premier just over a year now at competitions and her achievements are so remarkable that April got selected as 'Dancer of the month' by the fabulous 'Move It' magazine after being nominated by one of our mums, the lovely Tracy Walker.

My teachers comment in this article says it all :-) you deserve it! Please click on the Move It icon above and have a look.

'Go Premier !'





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